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Copyright 2005-2010 by Mike Everhart

Created August 28, 2005 - Updated 03/09/2010

Quick scans of small (3-4 mm) Carcharias amonensis teeth made with a HP OfficeJet G55 Printer Scanner Copier.... (about 4 years old)... at 1200 and 600 dpi.

scan.jpg (49694 bytes)scan2.jpg (33124 bytes)

steneofiba.jpg (18908 bytes) LEFT / RIGHT: A friend of mine in Turkey, Serdar Mayda, sent these scans.  Here is what he wrote:

"When I read your suggestion in vrtpaleo group, I tried to scan some of my fossils (especially castor material) and the result is surprisingly good. I'm using a newest HP scanner and choosing 4600 dpi or even more (HP ScanJet 4070 PhotoSmart scanner)."

steneofibb.jpg (7966 bytes)