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Clidastes propython

(Clidastes velox Williston)

Copyright 2001-2009 by Mike Everhart

Last updated 03/26/2009

These drawings of Clidastes velox were included in S. W. Williston's 1898 mosasaur paper in the University of Kansas Geological Survey, Volume IV.  Clidastes velox is probably a junior synonym of Clidastes propython and is no longer a valid species.

Figure 1: A lateral view of the skull of Williston's Clidastes velox; About 18 inches in length.

Figure 2: A dorsal view of the skull of Williston's Clidastes velox.

Figure 3: A ventral view of the skull of Williston's Clidastes velox.

Clidastes propython: A small mosasaur from the Smoky Hill Chalk


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