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My References Page This 'plain Jane' page is just my listing of shortcuts to other pages on the Internet that I use to answer questions, do research and generally to find useful information ... There's nothing here you cannot find for yourself, but you are certainly welcome to use these resources, too.....

    Copyright 2001-2008 by Mike Everhart

(Last revised 11/04/2008)

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Mike's OOK Marine Reptile References Sternberg Museum The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Mike's OOK Fish and other fossil references Yale Peabody Museum Collections Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates - J. Dalmuth
OOK Paleontology LINKS   /  CONTENTS Univ. Kansas Museum of Natural History The Plesiosaur Site - Richard Forrest
The Wichita State University Library Paleontological Institute - Univ. of Kansas The Pleiosaur Directory (Adam Smith)
Historical Kansas Maps Online: WSU Library American Museum of Nat. Hist. Collections Jim Bourdon's shark paleontology site
Kansas Academy of Science United States National Museum / Smithsonian Palaeontologia-Electronica
Kansas Geological Survey   Kansas Fossils Denver Museum of Nature and Science Archives of the Dinosaur Mailing List
KGS -----Geology Bibliography Search Museum of Paleontology, UC - Berkeley The Polyglot Paleontologist
Paleontologists for K-12 The Field Museum - Chicago The Paleontological Society
Paleontologists, Past and Present University of Nebraska State Museum The Palaeontological Association
Emporia State University Museum of Geology Natural History Museum of Maastricht
Ed Rogers Rare and Out of Print  Books Cincinnati Museum Center Natural History Museum, London
Jerry D Harris - Journal Links Museum of the Rockies - Bozeman, MT GSA - Geologic Time Scale (large .pdf file)
Paleo-Publications - Bookseller Academy of Natural Sciences - Philadelphia Ben Creisler's Mosasaur Pronunciation Guide
So you want to be a Paleontologist? Museum Abbreviations (Tracy Ford page) Locomotion and Respiration (Marine Reptiles)
ICZN - Int. Comm. Zoological Nonclamature NEW  PalArch - Netherlands Scientific Journal
North American Stratigraphic Code Key to abbreviations of old journal titles Early Images of Prehistoric Animals
West's Geology Directory Index - England Mark Wilson's Mesozoic Fish references Topographic Maps Online
Merriam Webster Dictionary  Online Babel Fish - Alta Vista Translations Google Maps            Map Quest