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Last revised 06/24/2006

LEFT: Left lateral view of the skull of Platecarpus tympaniticus Cope 1869 (from Merriam, 1894).


Page Number Page Title - "Click Here" Description of Contents Date Posted/Update
Homepage Oceans of Kansas Paleontology The main webpage with links to sub-pages and other interesting paleontology sites around the world Updated a lot!! Current to 06/2006
Page 1 Something about Oceans of Kansas Paleontology Who, what and why is Oceans of Kansas Paleontology? A little bit about what we do and our first major find... a complete Protosphyraena nitida skull. Updated 10/99
Page 2 Just about Mosasaurs The subject of what this website is mostly about. Updated 10/99
Page 3a Invertebrate and Fish Fossils A Field Guide to Fossils of the Smoky Hill Chalk - Part 1; 2 Pages Updated 6/01/97
Page 3b Reptile and Bird Fossils A Field Guide to Fossils of the Smoky Hill Chalk - Part 2; 2 Pages Updated 7/20/97
Page 4a A Moment in Time Evidence of Shark Predation on Mosasaurs - Featured on the Paleoworld Documentary - "Prehistoric Sharks" Updated 10/97
Page 4b Shark Attack! On Location with Wall to Wall T. V. LTD Filming the evidence of an ancient shark attack for Paleoworld: "Prehistoric Sharks" Added 4/97
Page 4c More about a "Shark Attack" on a large Mosasaur Additional pictures and Kansas Academy of Sciences Abstract Added 6/98
Page 5 One Day in the Western Interior Sea Life could be very short for the unwary. Fossil evidence of sudden death in the Western Interior Sea ADDED 5/10/97
Page 6 Discovering a Giant Pteranodon Digging up a Pteranodon skeleton and skull in Western Kansas - 1996 Posted 2/97
Page 7 Martinichthys - Mystery Fish of the Smoky Hill Chalk A strange late Cretaceous fish that left very little of itself to be discovered..... just its 'nose' Updated 11/98
Page 8 Another Recent Mosasaur Discovery!!! Lots of Photos of a new find (Platecarpus planifrons) from the Smoky Hill chalk. Updated 06/23/98
Page 8a A Mosasaur Picture Gallery Additional pictures of the Platecarpus planifrons Updated 06/23/98
Page 9 Finding a Rare, Shell Crushing Mosasaur The first Globidens sp. from Kansas (Pierre Shale) - Now includes the only known published photos of Globidens dakotensis Updated 12/99
Page 10 The Earliest Record for a Clidastes sp. (Mosasaur) A New York teenager finds the earliest documented record of Clidastes liodontus in the Smoky Hill chalk. Posted 2/97
Page 11 A New Record for a Very Large Mosasaur We finally complete the dig of the earliest documented Tylosaurus proriger - Reported at the 1997 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting Updated 10/28/97
Page 11a Additional pictures of the Tylosaurus proriger skull More pictures of the Tylosaurus skull, taken during preparation posted 4/97
Page 11b The Dig Continues - New Field Work - May 2-4, 1997 We bring in the heavy equipment to clear the Tylosaurus site Posted 7/97
Page 11c We Finally Complete the Dig: June 28, and August 7-8, 1997 The final work on the Tylosaurus dig site. Removing the remaining pieces of this specimen. Posted 9/97
Page 12 Digging a shark scavenged Mosasaur from the Smoky Hill Chalk The 1996 dig of a 20' Platecarpus tympaniticus from the upper Smoky Hill Chalk -  New page with pictures of the prepared skull here. Updated 01/00
Page 13 The Discovery of the first Mosasaur Digging up a huge mosasaur skull.... found underground in a mine in the Netherlands! Posted 10/97
Page 14a Linking the Past with the Present - Line drawings of Platecarpus coryphaeus Re-publishing Samuel W. Williston's 100 year old mosasaur drawings from The University Geological Survey of Kansas on the web. Updated 11/30/97
Page 14b Tylosaurus proriger Re-publishing Samuel W. Williston's 100 year old mosasaur drawings from The University Geological Survey of Kansas on the web. Added 11/97
Page 14c Clidastes velox Re-publishing Samuel W. Williston's 100 year old mosasaur drawings from The University Geological Survey of Kansas on the web. Added 11/97
Page 14d Mosasaurus horridus Re-publishing Samuel W. Williston's 100 year old mosasaur drawings from The University Geological Survey of Kansas on the web. Added 11/97
Page 15a Something about Plesiosaurs. Plesiosaur remains are relatively rare and their skulls are even harder to find. Added 12/08/97
Page 15b Something about Pliosaurs. Several varieties of these short necked plesiosaurs have been found in Kansas, including a species of giant pliosaur with a five foot long skull. Added 12/05/98
Page 16a The New Jersey State Museum Plesiosaur The dig of a large Alzadasaurus elasmosaur from the Pierre Shale of Western Kansas Added 01/10/98
Page 16b We complete the New Jersey State Museum Plesiosaur Dig: 1992. We finish up the dig on the New Jersey State Museum Alzadasaurus..... then we start a dig on a second Alzadasaurus! Added 06/27/98
Page 17 Cretoxyrhina mantelli - The Giant Ginsu Shark This formidable Cretaceous shark "sliced and diced" its meals Added 03/01/98
Page 18 A lot more evidence of Cretoxyrhina mantelli feeding on mosasaurs Fossilized parts and pieces of mosasaurs eaten by giant sharks Added 03/11/98
Page 19 Ancient sharks: Cretoxyrhina mantelli and Squalicorax falcatus Many large and hungry sharks swam in the shallow sea that once covered Kansas. Here are some pictures of the teeth of these sharks Added 01/04/98
Page 20 Kansas Geologic Time Scale A geological time scale Kansas from the Kansas Geological Survey Posted 4/00
Page 21 Are snakes related to mosasaurs? An article about the relationships between snakes and mosasaurs Posted 2/98
Page 22 Xiphactinus audax - The Bulldog Fish One of the largest bony fishes that ever lived...Found in Kansas! Updated 11/99
page 23 Hesperornis - Giant Birds in the Western Interior Sea Drawings of a large swimming bird.......with teeth! Updated 12/99
Page 24 Mosasaurus - The Ultimate Mosasaur On a dig for Mosasaurus in South Dakota Added 4/97
Page 25 Sharks Teeth by the Hundreds An article by Tom Caggiano of the New Jersey Paleontological Society Added 5/06/97
Page 26 We Dug Plesiosaurs In the Pierre Shale with Dr. Glenn Storrs and the Cincinnati Museum field crew, June, 1998 Added 6/98
Page 27 Finding my first mosasaur in South Dakota With The Field School from the South Dakota School of Mines Added 9/98
Page 28 The Ptychodontid Sharks Teeth and other remains from an usual group of 'pavement-toothed' sharks or rays from the Late Cretaceous in Kansas (and England). Added 12/98
Page 29 The paleo-life art of Doug Henderson Mosasaurs, Pteranodons and Plesiosaurs from the Western Interior Seaway. Updated 12/99
Page 30 The Bunker Mosasaur The exhibit of a huge Tylosaur at the KU Museum of Natural History Added 12/98
Page 31 Foul-ups, Bloops and Blunders A "Just for Fun" photographic tour of my early days in the chalk Updated 7/24/98
Page 32 Abstracts of Publications Paleontology Papers by Mike and Pam Everhart Updated 010/99
Page 33 1999 Cincinnati  Museum Plesiosaur Dig Take a look at the dig of a plesiosaur from the Pierre Shale of western Kansas. Added 6/99
Page 34 Mosasaurs from Sweden? Click here to see where Johan Lindgren found them. Added 7/99
Page 35 FOR SALE: Oceans of Kansas T-shirts Original Mosasaur art by Russell Hawley on Oceans of Kansas T-Shirts Added 9/99
Page 36 Published references about marine reptiles My collection of paleontology papers on mosasaurs and plesiosaurs Added 10/99
Page 37 The type specimen of Halisaurus sternbergi From the Smoky Hill chalk of Kansas, in a museum in Sweden!! - courtesy of Johan Lindgren Added 10/99
Page 38 Large North Dakota Plioplatecarpus  Courtesy of John Campbell, North Dakota Geological Survey: Maybe a new species.  Added 10/99
Page 39 Gastroliths? You mean they ate rocks? Stomach stones from Kansas Plesiosaurs Added 11/99
Page 40 South Dakota Mosasaurs The mosasaur collection at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - Museum of Geology. Added 12/99
Page 41 Fossils from Antarctica Pictures of fossils collected from Vega Island in 1999 Added 01/00
Page 42 Platecarpus skull New pictures from the 1996 dig and prep. of material Added 01/00
Page 41 Mesozoic marine monsters of Mangahouanga New Zealand Mosasaurs and Marine Reptiles Added 05/00
Page 42 One day in the life of a mosasaur.... Paleo-fiction by Mike Everhart
Page 43 Sam Noble Museum of Natural History A new museum in Oklahoma - art by Karen Carr
Page 44 Dan Varner Paleo-Life Art Page Excellent art work on extinct marine reptiles..
Page 45 Prognathodon overtoni A mosasaur skull at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Page 46 Styxosaurus snowii    An elasmosaur exhibit at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Page 47 The Denver Museum Plesiosaur Pictures of Thalassomedon haningtoni at the Denver Museum
Page 48 Anatomy of a Plesiosaurus Skull An 1896 drawing is used to illustrate the bones of a plesiosaur skull.
Page 49 Placodonts: Bizarre 'Walrus-Turtles'  from the Jurassic: Contributed Web paper by Darren Naish
Page 50 The Mosasaurus of Dr. August Goldfuss One of the first mosasaur discoveries reported from the West. Added 10/21/00
Page 51 Mosasaurs: Last of the great marine reptiles Mosasaur article published in Prehistoric Times Added 10/26/00
Page 52 A jaw plate of a Ptychodus mortoni shark Shell crushing sharks from the Smoky Hill Chalk Added 11/12/00
Page 53 The origin of the dorsal fringe in mosasaurs Sometimes the experts made mistakes Added 2/02/00
Page 54 The dig of an early Tylosaurus proriger  An extensive update of one of the original OOK pages - New pictures. Added 01/01/01
Page 55 Clidastes propython  An nice example of a small mosasaur from the Western Interior Sea (Kansas). Added 01/15/01
Page 56 Plioplatecarpus: A new Kansas mosasaur A new genus from the Sharon Springs Member of the Pierre Shale. Added 01/15/01
Page 57 Shonisaurus popularis The Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada: Very large Triassic ichthyosaurs Added 06/04/01
Page 58 Coprolites and fossilized gut contents Trace fossils from the Smoky Hill Chalk Formation Added 06/19/01
Page 59 The New Jersey Paleontological Society 2001 Field Trip in Kansas -- on the road again......... Added 07/21/01
Page 60 Plesiosaur stomach contents and gastroliths From the Pierre Shale  of Kansas - New publication Added 10/20/01
Page 61 The other George Sternberg Medical Doctor, U.S. Army Surgeon General, and fossil collector. Added 11/28/01
Page 62 The Goldfuss Mosasaur An English translation of this important 1845 work by Dr. August Goldfuss. Added 12/30/01
Page 63 ePapers on the Internet Scanned versions of older paleontology papers dealing with Kansas fossils Added 01/26/02 
Page 64 Tylosaurus nepaeolicus New data on cranial measurements and body length (Recent publication) Added 04/07/02 
Page 65 Where the elasmosaurs roam Separating fact from fiction (Recent publication in Prehistoric Times) Added 04/08/02
Page 66 The discovery of a GIANT Ginsu (Cretoxyrhina mantelli) Shark in Western Kansas - BIG NEWS Added 05/26/02
Page 67 Oceans of Kansas T-shirts A brief history of Oceans of Kansas as seen through our field T-shirts. Added 07/15/02
Page 68 Russell Hawley Paleo-Art Pen and ink art depicting Mesozoic marine reptiles Added 08/07/02
Page 69 Ctenacanthus Agassiz 1835 A Permian Shark - Discovery of Ctenacanthus amblyxiphias Cope in Kansas Added 08/28/02
Page 70 ePapers regarding the first discovery ...and the naming of North American plesiosaurs. Joseph Leidy - E. D. Cope Added 10/11/02
Page 71 The discovery of Elasmosaurus platyurus ...and the "head-on-the-wrong-end" mistake of  E. D. Cope Added 10/15/02 
Page 72 Protosphyraena... a primitive swordfish ...from the Late Cretaceous of Western Kansas Added 10/19/02 
Page 73 Dr. John H. Janeway, Surgeon, U. S. Army Early Kansas paleontologist - Fort Hays, Kansas Added 10/23/02
Page 74 Brachauchenius lucasi Giant Cretaceous pliosaur from Kansas Added 11/30/02
Page 75 Revisions to mosasaur biostratigraphy Revisions based on recent discoveries of new mosasaur specimens in Kansas Added 01/03/03
Page 76 How to collect vertebrate fossils An interesting 1884 article by Charles H. Sternberg Added 03/21/03
Page 77 4th Annual Paleontology Symposium 2003 Meeting of the Kansas Academy of Science - Paleontology Abstracts Added 04/18/03
Page 78 A dinosaur from the Smoky Hill Chalk   Niobrarasaurus coleii comes to the Sternberg Museum Added 05/10/03
Page 79 Enchodus The sabre-toothed fish of the Cretaceous Added 10/26/03
Page 80 Sharks teeth found in Kansas A photographic survey of Kansas shark teeth - new discoveries! Added 11/10/03
Page 81 Permian shark teeth found in Kansas Sharks teeth collected from the Early Permian of northeast Kansas Added 11/10/03
Page 82 An extinct sea lizard from western Kansas Charles Gilmore ePaper (1921) on a Tylosaurus in the Smithsonian Institute. Added 11/10/03
Page 83 First records of plesiosaurs from the lower Smoky Hill Chalk of Western Kansas - recent publication by Mike Everhart Added 11/10/03
Page 84 Ichthyornis: "Fish-bird of the Cretaceous" Birds with teeth. Added 11/23/03
Page 85 Toxochelys, Protostega and Archelon Marine turtles from the Western Interior Sea. Added 12/31/03
Page 86 Saurocephalus, Saurodon, Prosaurodon Strange swordfish from the Western Interior Sea Added 02/05/04
Page 87 Kronosaurus queenslandicus Giant Cretaceous pliosaur from Australia ????
Page 88 Thryptodus zittlei Battering ram fish from the Cretaceous of Kansas ???
Page 89 Discovery of Mosasaurus hoffmanni One of the first papers written about a mosasaur (Saint Fond - 1799) Added 06/19/04
Page 90 Pycnodonts and Hadrodus Rare smaller fish in the Cretaceous preserved in Kansas rocks Added 06/27/04
Page 91 Cimolichthys nepaholicus The "barracuda" of the Western Interior Sea Added 07/29/04
Page 92 The Smoky Hill Chalk A photographic tour of Smoky Hill Chalk exposures in western Kansas Added 09/26/04
Page 93 Mosasaurs ate plesiosaurs A Tylosaurus that was discovered with a plesiosaur as it's last meal. Added 09/26/04
Page 94 Kansas plesiosaurs Plesiosaur specimens from the Cretaceous of Kansas Added 10/06/04
Page 95 Charles H. Sternberg The discoveries of the famous fossil collector from Kansas Added 10/13/04
Page 96 Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Ctr. A new Colorado musuem with lots of fossils from the Kansas Cretaceous Added 11/18/04
Page 97 Prognathodon in Kansas? One of the earliest and relatively unknown Kansas mosasaurs Added 02/26/05
Page 98 Another Kansas Dinosaur! Recent discovery of hadrosaur vertebrae from the chalk of Gove County, KS Added 06/19/05
Page 99 A snake drawn through the shell of a turtle The usage and history of the classic phrase describing plesiosaurs Added 10/26/05
Page 100 Evolution and diversification of mosasaurs New webpage on the evolution of mosasaurs at the end of the Cretaceous Added 12/03/05
Page 101 Discovery of Elasmosaurus: New remains? Are the remains found nearby the missing pieces of Elasmosaurus platyurus? Added 12/03/05
Page 102


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